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True America

Published: November 10, 2016

I have to say that my last blog post was completely based on my pure observation in DC.

election party


Around 8pm, there were around 30 people showing up to election watch party at my apartment. All of them were supporting Hillary Clinton, but, yes, we now know what happened, which was unexpected, surprising and shocking to all of them and many of people at Georgetown (In fact, there were many people wearing Hillary Clinton T-shirt on campus yesterday).

I mentioned the data show that Clinton was leading among college-educated people while Trump was winning working-class voters. After the election, this reminded me of a guy who talked to me when I was conducting the street interview for my internship.

I need to admit this; because it was for TV news in Japan, we needed to pick interviewees based on their looking, which means that people who look like “American,” “having decent jobs or studying,” or “neither super rich nor very poor.” Then a slightly drunk man approached me and the camera crew saying “Is there any particular reason that you purposely don’t choose me or other people sleeping on the bench? This is true America!” I was just overwhelmed and couldn’t come up with a good response before he left.

Thinking back, if what he said was correct, it is reasonable that Trump won. Working class consists of 66% of working age population in America, even though they look like minority in where I live, the capital of America. And Trump’s policy of focusing on domestic manufacturing or production might have been attractive to them. I heard my friend saying (or posting on Facebook) after the election, “Where were all those people who voted for Trump??? It seemed obvious that Clinton was going to win.” It was truly memorable night when I saw a part of America which I have never seen and their collective decision.


*One example of Georgetown reaction to this election result

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