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Vacation Blues

Published: December 22, 2016

Vacations are generally long. For context, the Cambridge term runs in the following cycle: 2-months term, 1-month vacation, 2-months term, 1-month vacation, 2-months term, 4-months vacation. This alone should be a reason why you want to be here; half the year is spent relaxing under the sun in a random country.

My advice for vacations? Travel, travel, travel. University time is when we are free from any real responsibilities – unless you are supporting your family or are already married (hats off to you if you are). Here’s a picture I took while relaxing in Bali, just three days ago:

Vacation in Bali


Beautiful. Absolutely breathtaking. And there are so many places just as mesmerizing as this, each in their own magical way. I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to travel pretty much all over the globe over the past two years, and I can comfortably say that my life would be very different had I not traveled as much as I did. So much so that I kind of despise traveling by this point. Slightly hypocritical, I know, but every trip I take makes me realize how wrong I am to feel so exasperated with long journeys in buses, trains, and planes.

There is a lot to see out there. Those of you who know me personally will regularly hear me say that every place I visit seems to be similar to the previous one. I usually leave out the fact that each place is also subtly different. I think that is what makes the whole experience so perfect: the countries are not so foreign as to be alien, and yet different enough to be special.

A few of my recommendations, for anyone interested in taking a break from a busy life (in no particular order):

  • Reykjavik (and other cities), Iceland (mesmerizing views)
  • Munich, Germany (especially over Christmas time)
  • Orlando, Florida, USA (as a wonderful family destination)
  • Thimpu (and other cities), Bhutan (peculiarly different destination)
  • Warsaw and Krakow, Poland (awesome KFC, lots of history)
  • Bali, Indonesia (a summer getaway destination – go with a few friends for the best experience)

Hope you have a wonderful week ahead.


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