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A View of a Bridge – My College Life at NYU Tisch

Published: January 29, 2017

The first week of my college life flew by this semester with lots of wonderful friends-catching-up sessions and scary political developments. In a way, that mix mirrors my feelings about New York: it’s a place filled with amazing people and opportunities, but it’s also full of uncertainties and factors beyond any one individual’s control. Which brings me to the system science class I’m taking this semester, The Nature of Success, and though we’ve just started, I’m fascinated by it’s discussion about cities as having organic lives beyond its inhabitants; cities with their own goals and subsequent view of success and failure. I’m also taking the Theater Studies Honors Seminar which this term is about gender, performance and the 3rd wave of feminism and though it’ll be a lot of work, I’m excited for the knowledge I have yet to discover. But to be honest, just being back in New York is amazing. Yes, it’s an intimidating and uncertain place, but it has a quality like no other, and now when I true to my nature stress about what I’m going to do in the future (I’ve just found a highly competitive PhD program that seems like it was made for me), and what’s going to happen with the world, New York has a way of keeping me optimistic. Because here, if you’re in the right time and place – and yes privileged enough (which brings a whole other level of complexity and responsibility) – anything is possible. 

Update: Even if not everything is possible, nothing is possible if you don’t dare to believe in it yourself.

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The view from our 10th floor dorm apartment with Williamsburg Bridge in the background, New York City.

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