Jan-Camp in New Hampshire

Published: January 6, 2017

Greetings from North Conway, NH!

After a solid ten days at home in Stockholm, Sweden where I got to see friends and family and recover from finals I am currently back in the US at a training camp in White Mountains with the Brown Ski Team to kick off our season. Although i was not particularly psyched to step on the plane at 06.45 on January first to fly back here, I am now stoked to be back on the slopes!

This is the first time we’re doing our Jan-Camp in New Hampshire (usually we’re in Vermont) and it’s also our first time with our New Coach, which is super exciting! We started with some slalom training on January 3rd in some tricky conditions with a mixture of snow and rain (when we we’re done for the day we looked felt like “glazed doughnuts” as one of my team mate’s said about the ice on our jackets). We will have had a full ten days of training of both Slalom and Giant Slalom before out first Races over in Okemo, VT (close to Killington where I went to watch the World Cup over Thanksgiving ).

Athletics are taken very seriously at American Universities, and despite not being the most competitive team on Campus (especially the men’s team), there is still a pretty comprehensive training schedule especially for the women. The US puts their athletes on a pedestal and the grooming for success often starts at a very early age. Universities recruit athletes very heavily for many sports and it can offer an alternative path to get in to top Universities, but being “good” at a sports is by no means a “golden ticket” in to the school of your choice… Getting recruited on an athletics team is most of the time just as rigorous, if not more so, than getting in on Academic merit. But don’t let this stop you, if you think you excel at a certain sport it will never hurt to reach out to the School Coaches!

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