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Top 12 Universities for Expat Kids Who Want to Continue Their International Journeys

Published: December 20, 2016

Expat kids…hitting airline gold status before age of 5, speaking four languages but mastering none, spending weekends playing tennis at the town club, moving to the next country just as you were starting to make friends in the current one… It’s a special life they lead, glamorous sometimes, tough at other times, jetlagged most times.

But what happens when high school is over and you finally get the chance to decide where to live for the next 3-4 years on your own? Where can you find like-minded expat kids to share memories and mutual FB friends with? StudyAdvantage has identified some of the expat hotspot universities around the world.

1. London School of Economics and Political Science, UK

Located in the heart of one of the world’s true capitals, carrying a stellar reputation globally, and with over 40% of enrolled students coming from overseas, LSE is a favourite of many expat families and students alike. The ultimate springboard for kids interested in both diplomacy and international finance.

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2. Georgetown University, USA

Beyond its well-established reputation and strategic location in Washington D.C., Georgetown is specifically well-suited to educate those with an international background and outlook given the programmes offered at the Edmind A. Walsh School of Foreign Service. This diplomacy-geared department has educated the likes of Bill Clinton and King Abdullah of Jordan, and a long list of other statesmen and women around the world.

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3. University of Miami, USA

The location of this private, multi-faculty university is a giveaway – if you make it to The U, you’ll enjoy a lifestyle even the finest expat communities around the world would find it tough to compete with. Plus: here you get the best of classic American college life, with fantastic sports culture and shall we call them epic spring break activities…



4. University of Edinburgh, UK

Go here for a day and you’ll understand why the expat community – or any community at that – enjoy Edinburgh as a study destination. It’s remote yet well-connected, historic and sophisticated yet youthful (thanks to the presence of several universities) and exciting. Student life here offers plenty of opportunity to put that black tie you bought for your high school graduation to use.

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5. University of Southern California, USA

The USC kids have a certain flair about them. They are worldly and well-socialised, yet relaxed and – perhaps thanks to the southern Californian sunshine – seem happier and healthier than many peers. A popular choice for expat kids from all over the world, and generally a good place to build a global network, launch a global career, and have a bunch of fun.

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6. Copenhagen Business School, Denmark

Scandinavia may be slightly ‘off the grid’, but many expat families will find the safe & sound lifestyle offered up north appealing. Copenhagen Business School is probably the most globalised university in the region, with a large selection of undergraduate and postgraduate degrees taught in 100% English. A well-regarded university attracting many international students in a top notch city makes CBS a popular choice.

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7. Boston College, USA

BC has long attracted kids with international backgrounds from around the world. A well-ranked college offering a classic American liberal arts education, in arguably the world’s best student city. As if the social scene around campus wasn’t enough, wander to the surrounding neighbourhoods to rub elbows with your expat friends at Harvard, MIT, Tufts, Northwestern and BU, to name a few.



8. Regent’s University London, UK

Regent’s is definitely a newcomer to the scene, but in London it is well-known for attracting a well-heeled international student crowd, who are attracted in particular to its business courses. And, of course, to the stunning campus located at the heart of Regents Park in central London.

Regents 2 Regents1


9. McGill University, Canada

Arguably Canada’s most renowned university internationally, McGill attracts motivated students from around the world. Roughly 10% of the student population are American, with another 10% from the rest of the world. McGill alumni include 12 Nobel Laureates, 141 Rhodes scholars, 11 Grammy Award winners, and 28 Olympic medalists. No surprise a popular destination for those with tall ambitions.

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10. University of Melbourne, Australia

Australia is a popular destination for international kids in general, and in particular for expats graduating from the international schools around the expat clusters in Hong Kong, Singapore, Jakarta and Shanghai. Melbourne is probably on top of the Aussie wishlist, offering world class lifestyle and one of the two top academic institutions on the continent.

Melbourne slide 2


11. University of Pennsylvania, USA

UPenn offers the elite Huntsman Program in International Studies and Business. This is a unique program combining training in languages, business and international affairs – areas motivated and studious expat kids with big ambitions are well-positioned to excel in.

UPenn Slide 2 UPenn Slide 1


12. The New School, USA

Haven’t heard of the New School? This Lower Manhattan based university is home to one of the largest international student populations in the US. It is also the home to the well-renowned Parsons school of fashion and design, popular among young fashionistas hoping to enter the global fashion industry.

New School Parsons


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