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Trump’s Golden Boy – Jared Kushner Education – Where Did He Study?

Published: January 2, 2017

In our “Where did they study?” article series we examine the educational resumes of timely & relevant figures in business, politics, technology, science, sports, arts and media.

Jared Kushner


Jared Kushner’s public persona has gone from zero to hero in the last 6 months, as the world around him started noticing his moves as the quintessential behind-the-scenes savvy operator who many have called the ‘second most influential person in Trump’s Presidential campaign,’ second only to the Donald himself.

But while Jared might be a newcomer to politics, and as such media’s attention, he has been operating savvily – and less so, some argue – in the business world for about decade. The 35-year old was born in New Jersey into the wealthy Kushner real estate family. He attended a very traditional Orthodox Jewish school there, before notoriously entering Harvard College in 1999 (notorious because his father had recently made a $2.5m donation to Harvard, highlighted in this article).

Fly Club, the exclusive final club at Harvard where Jared was a member

Fly Club, the exclusive final club at Harvard where Jared was a member


Jared has been described as a slightly odd character while at Harvard, less interested in the usual student lifestyle – although he was a member of the exclusive Fly Club – and focused more on his personal business interests. By the end of his time at Harvard, he had made a handsome multi-million dollar profit from buying, renovating and selling apartments around Boston.

After graduating with a major in Government from Harvard, Jared enrolled in the joint business & law (“JD/MBA”) programme at New York University. This is a rigorous post-graduate double degree offered by a number of prestigious institutions in the US and Canada (other examples are the programs at Stanford, UPennGeorgetown and the University of Toronto). While at NYU, he interned at Manhattan’s District Attorney’s office, and at the New York ‘white shoe’ law firm Paul Weiss.


Jared Kushner with associate

Real Estate Mogul Jared Kushner


It’s unclear if Jared ever had his eyes set on applying his law degree and internship experience to a legal career; during his time at NYU, his father was thrown in jail, convicted of a number of business-related crimes. This left a young Jared in charge of the multi-billion dollar family real estate empire, so perhaps  his side-projects at Harvard rather than his NYU legal internships proved most constructive (no pun intended). And speaking of side-projects, while running the real estate business (with mixed success), Jared also purchased the media company New York Observer and successfully turned it around financially. Some of the contacts made and lessons learnt through his media venture were to become valuable as Jared – who is married to Ivanka Trump – joined Donald Trump’s campaign, in which he is said to have played a decisive role.


Trump Jared Ivanka Japan Ivanka Trump
To the right: Jared & Ivanka in the background as Trump meets Japanese PM Shinzō Abe. To the left: Jared’s wife Ivanka Trump, Executive Vice President in the Trump Organization


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