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About Harvard University

Harvard is to many synonymous with the greatest, most powerful university in the world. Indeed, the school to some is much more than a university, it’s a cultural institution of significant political, social and economic power. Located in Boston, America’s academic capital, the school’s campus features exceptional facilities, the academic diversity is vast, and the quality of the faculty members world class. Harvard is one of the most competitive institutions in the world to get into, and once you’re in the workload is high. For any spare time however, the opportunities to get involved in exciting student projects and clubs is endless, and you may even find yourself becoming a member of one of the elusive “finals clubs”.

The university has graduated a long list of notable people, such as Barack Obama, Matt Damon, Tyra Banks, Natalie Portman, Conan O’Brien, Jill Stein, Jeremy Lin, Al Gore and Franklin D. Roosevelt. When considering the long line of outstanding alumni, it is apparent why the school has made a name for itself.

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