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Mount Holyoke College. Mt. Holyoke College. Mt Holyoke College.

Mount Holyoke’s beautiful campus is located in quaint South Hadley, roughly an hour’s drive from Boston on the Northeastern American coast. It is one of the ‘Seven Sisters’ of originally women’s only liberal arts schools (others included are Wellesley and Barnard Colleges), and remains a single gender school to date. It is one of few schools in the US not requiring SAT scores to submitted by applicants.

The school is strong across a broad range of academic disciplines, including literature, history, psychology and human sciences. Students can also enrol in classes at one of the nearby partner colleges, which include the prestigious Amherst College. In recent years, Mount Holyoke has been of the top producers of students winning the prestigious Fulbright Prize.

Student life is very campus-focused, as all students must live on campus; and while there aren’t sororities at the schools, there are over 150 students clubs and societies to get involved in.

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