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NUS is Singapore’s oldest and largest university. As the ‘central’ learning institution in a country which has quickly gone from a poor island into a global leader in business & technology, and which attributes its ascent largely to a focus on high quality education, NUS is a well-proven and indeed impressive institution. Often ranked as the #1 university in Asia and a top institution globally, the school offers a wide range of programmes across departments and levels. It has grown its international focus by opening ‘overseas’ colleges in US, China, India, Israel and Sweden, launching joint programmes with universities like Duke, and interestingly, in 2012 an experimental Yale-NUS campus was launched to offer a ‘liberal arts’ programme in Singapore (where education has traditionally parhaps been slightly less ‘liberal’). Student life at NUS is what you make it – there is plenty of opportunity to get involved on campus, but you would also be living in an exotic Southeast Asian ‘tiger’ city and have (almost) immediate access to the tropical islands off the Malay and Indonesian coasts…

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