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The US Presidential Candidates – Where did they study?

Published: November 4, 2016

In our “Where did they study?” article series we examine the educational resumes of timely & relevant figures in business, politics, technology, science, sports, arts and media.

Hillary Clinton Donald Trump

The hottest names of 2016 – Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump


Their faces simply cannot be avoided. Their names appear in every headline. The US Presidential candidates are at the center of everyone’s attention in 2016, whether at friendly dinner table discussions, in your social media newsfeeds or on TV screens around the world. With countless controversies and accusations being thrown left and right (not to mention media’s occasionally hysterical escalation of this to catch eyeballs), it’s easy to get lost in the jungle that is the 2016 Presidential race.

We all think we know Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump at this point, but do we really? Where are they from, and where did they study? StudyAdvantage takes a closer look at the academic background of the two candidates.


Hillary Clinton Donald Trump.001

Bona fide business wiz or trust fund baby? Donald Trump is the global media’s love-hate child.


Donald Trump

He has been called a “fear monger” and a “punk”. The Donald is no stranger to controversy. Is he clumsy or is it all part of a well worked out media heist? Either way it’s worked out in his favor.

The (alleged) multi-billionaire real estate mogul and media personality has a long and diverse resume. His not-so-humble beginnings can be traced back to Queens, New York, when he took over his father’s real estate business at age 25 – a seemingly overwhelming task for someone that age. Attending arguably the best business school in the country – Wharton – for his undergraduate studies only a few years prior, Trump had earned a good understanding of business already. This certainly helped prepare him for the challenges of a business career.



The Huntsman Building, belonging to Wharton Business School

University of Pennsylvania’s business school is known worldwide for its commitment to academic excellence – a reputation which is further reaffirmed by the alumni Donald Trump’s swift emergence as a business- and media icon.

Wharton has a strong brand that’ll boost the attractiveness of anyone. Trump recognizes this and has been very open about his Ivy League past. He’s called Wharton “super genius stuff” during public addresses.

Whether a serious politician or perhaps a dangerous, reality TV-style entertainer, Trump has the global media in a firm grip. Whether good or bad, Trump knows how to get what he wants. Perhaps his Ivy League education is in part to be accredited for his triumphs.


Hillary Clinton Donald Trump.002

Hillary Clinton – the perfect presidential candidate, or perhaps lacking authenticity?

Hillary Clinton

Former first lady, secretary of state and senator Hillary Clinton has long been among the most distinguished characters in American Politics. With a seemingly carefully calculated career behind her, she now has her eyes fixed on the ultimate prize – the Presidential office.

So, how does one build such credibility in the political arena? Where does one start? In Hillary’s case, the answer is simple – a great college degree.

Already in the mid-60’s, Clinton began her political career as an undergrad at the prestigious all-girls Wellesley College where she served as President of Wellesley Young Republicans in her freshman y

Wellesley College Tower Court – Hillary Clinton’s undergraduate school

Her organizational involvement was not the only early sign of Presidential poise. In her final year of college, Ms. Rodham was chosen as the first graduating senior in Wellesley history to speak at commencement, and she did so with political conviction. Challenging the words of the guest speaker at the very same ceremony, Senator Edward W. Brooke, Hillary delivered a speech that fellow graduates recall as both daring and memorable. Received with a 7 minute long standing ovation, Hillary had gotten a first taste of what it’s like to publicly take on policy makers. In 1969, Hillary graduated with a Bachelor of Arts, unsurprisingly majoring in political science.

Her years at Wellesley paved way for her graduate studies at Yale Law School – a truly educational time in her life, both inside and outside the classroom. Her extracurriculars included serving as member of the editorial board of a student magazine, working with the Yale Child Study Center as well as volunteering to provide free legal advice for the poor.

Examining Hillary’s background close-up, her commitment to a career in politics becomes apparent, and what better way to top your political career than to become the next President of the United States?

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Leading up to an election, there is always a sense of uncertainty in the air. Reporting is intense. Facts and figures, polls and historical evidence are used in attempts to cut through this intolerable uncertainty. We are overwhelmed, and the dividing line between opinion and fact is blurred. There is, however, one fact in this election that we know for certain – no matter how tumultuous the Presidential race may seem, and however high the stakes are, we can always trust in one thing – the future President of the United States will be an Ivy League graduate.


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