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The World’s Most Feminist University

Published: January 11, 2017



These colleges feature female dedicated programs, highly active and influential feminist societies and general awareness amongst students about gender issues. StudyAdvantage brings you the top 5 feminist universities spearheading the gender equality movement – which one is the #1 most feminist university we’ll leave up to you to decide…


5 University of Durham

Across the UK, the resurgence of student-led feminist clubs spread like wildfire in 2013. Social media and pop cultural phenomenon like the Robin Thicke hit song “Blurred Lines” and Beyoncés openly labeling herself a feminist sparked debates at universities about gender equality.

Durham is perhaps the most clear example of a school affected by the recent feminism wave. With almost 600 members, the Durham University Feminist Society has seen much success with organizing “no sexist music” club nights and broadcasting feminism focused talks via the student radio.

Below is a video by the feminist society at another great UK School – University of Nottingham.

Check out Fram’s blog from University of Durham to find out more about student life at this school.



4 Mount Holyoke College

This all-girls college has a dominant focus on women’s leadership, as indicated by their long list of high achieving graduates. First American female cabinet member Frances Perkins is one of them. MHC does not take these issues lightly, and recently opened its Weissman Center for Women’s Leadership, showcasing their confidence in their important work for equality.

Check out our new blogger Aayushi who is studying at MHC to find out more about life at this school.



3 Smith College

Whether it is the college apparel reading “A Century of Women on Top” and “It’s not a girl’s school without men; it’s a women’s college without boys” or the long list of prolific feminist thought leaders who attended the school (writer Sylvia Plath, Betty Friedan, Gloria Steinem and chef Julia Child to name a few), Smith College is undoubtedly a stronghold for feminist progress.



2 SOAS (School of Oriental and African Studies)

School of Oriental and African Studies in London, commonly referred to as SOAS, has become a breeding ground for progressive thought on social issues, whether relating to gender- or other inequalities. Students here are at the forefront of such issues, and student culture features a strong feminist society and events where feminist thought leaders and speakers partake.

Check out our Italian blogger Sara’s blog from SOAS

Read Erik’s blog from SOAS to find out more about life at one of London’s top universities.


1 Wellesley College

The college of Hillary Clinton, Wellesley College is school located outside of Boston dedicated to the teaching of high power academics to an all-girl student body. It’s a breeding ground for women empowering, providing not only a strong community but also a long list of female alumni role models – Hillary Clinton, Madeleine Albright (first woman to have become the United States Secretary of State) and Nora Ephron (feminist writer, producer and director) to only name a few.


Read Olivia’s blog from Wellesley College to find out more about StudyAdvantage’s Top Feminist College – Wellesley!



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